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Title: Implantació d'un motor d'alertes per una companyia d'assegurances multinacional
Author: Gil Giménez, Adrián
Director: Marco Simó, Josep Maria  
Tutor: Mir Casals, Josep
Keywords: cloud computing
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This Final Degree Project is based on the demand that exists today in the corporate teams of insurance companies to analyze activities to attract the attention of the clients of the mediator chain and automate the distribution of content in a decentralized manner. For this reason, it has been made an alert engine, oriented to the mediator. These alerts are focused on offering valuable information to the mediator and thus, guide you on what is the best moment to get in touch with the client or which product is the most appropriate to offer depending on factors such as, for example, age. In order to carry out this process automatically, the Salesforce CRM has been chosen as a tool and the reasons for opting for this technology are explained. Furthermore, the environment is configured in the field of users´ security and a data model is defined. Once the data model is made, a total of three alerts are implemented, which demonstrate three ways that Salesforce offers to develop new business logic. One alert is developed by using Process Builder. The second one by using Apex code and Process Builder. A third, by directly downloading an application from the platform offered by Salesforce. Finally, it is explained that there are two types of ways to make data migration with Salesforce. In conclusion, in this Final Degree Project, a real environment is put in to the operation to help to demonstrate the solutions that Salesforce provides, allowing companies to deve-lop agile business logics and adapt to frequent changes in the market. Salesforce brings benefits in both levels of the tool: at the implementation and at the development. This saves time and generates economic value for companies.
Language: Catalan
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