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Title: Presente y futuro de los medios de pago en el comercio físico español
Author: Gálvez Serrano, María de los Ángeles
Ariste Castaño, Santiago  
Abstract: This Final Degree Work is a market research on the evolution of the physical payment sector in Spanish trade. The main objective is to obtain useful and objective information that can be used by the directors of the company Paypal Spain to reduce the risk of its strategic decisions oriented to the expansion of the business through innovative payment solutions for physical commerce. To achieve this, first, information already published on more specific data from the sector and the market has been analysed, which has made it possible to establish the objectives and, subsequently, to specify the working hypotheses to be validated at the end of the investigation. An exploratory phase was then executed to gather information and contrast opinions about behaviours, motivations and attitudes of buyers. Based on the information obtained, a subsequent conclusive phase supported by statistical analysis has enabled meet the stated objectives, that is, to develop different profiles of buyers according to their use of the payment systems, to quantify the behaviours and preferences, as well as evaluating the most significant attributes and other external variables to the buyer when deciding between different payment systems. Finally, the most relevant conclusions can confirm the hegemony effective as the most widely used system, leading to think about their long-term durability. However, high rates of card usage and the increasing disposition to new electronic payment systems put in check this dominant position of cash and give way new major competitors such as contactless and mobile payments which definitely, they are here to stay.
Keywords: contactless
cash payments
mobile payments
card payments
market research
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis
Issue Date: 8-Jan-2019
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