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Title: Módulo inteligente de Alfresco para sugerir contenido de interés al usuario (MASCI)
Author: González Ruano, Fernando
Director: Daradoumis, Thanasis  
Tutor: Martí Pintanel, Javier
Keywords: knowledge management
document management
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Currently in the company, unlike outside the company, social networks are not so common. As a result of this situation, we do not find systems to help the worker on certain actions that he can take to help himself in his work and, therefore, of systems that propitiate recommendations on decision-making. For example, Facebook recommends friends or contacts derived from the set of actions and activities developed by the user in this social network. As has happened with the so-called "gamification" in which the mechanics of the games are transferred to the professional field in order to achieve better results, the system of recommendations to facilitate certain actions can result in a great benefit for the productivity of the employee. Alfresco, how much systems of document management used as tools for knowledge management, don't have tools that analyze the relationships established between the actions performed by users who these applications. Therefore, they cannot offer suggestions or indications of the work that the rest of colleagues who are doing in the same department or who are requesting or working with the same information are doing. As a solution, we propose the development of a middleware software and an installable component in Alfresco that make use of a database of graphs to collect all these relationships and be able to manage. Them to offer users various suggestions on the documents they are modifying or reading his colleagues, as well as other actions that Alfresco's system has among its multiple functionalities.
Language: Spanish
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