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Title: Defensa síncrona de TFGs: un problema de planificació
Author: Fernández Sánchez, Marc
Tutor: Clarisó Viladrosa, Robert
Keywords: NP-completeness
synchronous defenses planning
final degree projects
formal methods
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The goal for this TFG is to theoretical study and tool develop in order to solve a realistic problem in the scope of a scheduling system for the synchronous defense of TFGs. This problem is interesting in the ambit of TFGs scheduling, but the results shown are easily extrapolable to other scheduling problems. In other to achieve this goal in first place a description of the problem is shown and starting with this description a theoretical model is done. Based on this theoretical model the computational complexity of the problem is studied as a basic information in order to develop a tool for efficiently solve it. Once the computational complexity is clear a tool is developed for solving it, also a random instance generator is developed in order to test the tool. The next step is to test the tool and check that the tool solves the problem correctly. Finally some improvements are applied in order to improve the performing of the tool. The conclusions for this TFG are the fact that the problem is NP-Complete and that the tool solves the problem correctly.
Language: Catalan
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