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Title: Desarrollo de un sistema de conducción autónoma mediante visión artificial basado en una FPGA
Author: Escanilla Rodríguez, Borja
Director: Monzo, Carlos  
Tutor: Saura Mas, Xavier
Keywords: computer vision
autonomous driving
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The target of this paper is to develop a artificial-vision-based System for driving aid. We are going to make a engineering proposal to implement a detector of road rails based in a OV7670 digital càmera and a Field Programmable Gates Array Cyclone IV. The first step is the application of a Canny filtre. This filtre es an edge detector that is able to obtain the edge of the main shapes in a Picture. After that, the System will execute a Hough transform that detects the road rails of the highway in order to the vehicule to continue the route. During the development of this paper, we have demonstrated that a successive application of the Canny Filter and the Hough transform allows the System to be guided through the sample circuit. As an additional security system, we have successfully implemented a frontal collision detector in order to stop the autonomous vehicle in case an obstacle were detected.
Language: Spanish
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