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Title: Descobriment automàtic d'equips en xarxa basat en SNMP
Author: Aguilar Peña, Javier
Tutor: March Hermo, Maria Isabel
Keywords: self-discover
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Computer networking is an increasingly complex topic, with increasing numbers and heterogeneous environments, and with increasingly specialized technologies. In large business environments and large computer networks, qualified staff and appropriate privative tools are often available to handle and automate any task and to handle any challenge. In contrast, in smaller environments such as small and medium-sized businesses, educational settings, the community fabric, or even at home, the complexity of computer networks has also grown proportionally without tools to help these sectors that unfortunately do not have the qualified technical staff (at least not continuously) or the tools to manage them and appropriate to their less technical (or completely non-technical) profiles. This project wants to be a study that claims the SNMP as the great ally to extend and standardize in the world of computer networks and make it available to everyone, integrating it in applications and devices on a regular basis, not only for large corporations and very technical environments, but on any computer network. The project investigates procedures to automatically discover which devices are connected to the local network, find out if they are SNMP devices or not, display all the information that may have been obtained from each device on the network, and represent them in a graphical map for greater understanding. The result is a very intuitive, understandable application that seeks to make the seeds of later development more focused on how to use this information that SNMP can offer on the network.
Language: Catalan
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