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Title: Antenas microstrip de alta directividad mediante superestratos
Author: Cortés Domínguez, Ángela
Director: Cobo Rodríguez, Germán
Tutor: Anguera, Jaume  
Andújar Linares, Aurora
Keywords: microstrip
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In recent years, the need has emerged to develop integrated, miniaturized and low-cost telecommunications systems due to the increase in increasingly compact and reduced devices. To this way, the implementation of microstrip antennas with probe feeding is required to achieve impedance matching. Thus, this work focuses on the study of microstrip antennas, since they are antennas that meet these requirements. However, these have some drawbacks including narrow band and low efficiency. That is why, we will focus on improving their performance, taking into account the inconvenience they present. The tasks to be carried out are the modification of the structures, starting from scenario 5 of the work "Tècniques d¿alta directivitat en antenes microstrip amb superstrat" [1] through the IE3D software. The structure (scenario 5) will be modified to achieve better performance: increase bandwidth, efficiency and directivity. Specifically, six cases are analyzed and simulated (increasing the number of elements), comparing the most important parameters involved in the actual design of an antenna (directivity, efficiency, currents, radiation diagrams, etc.). The main objective will be to analyze and study through technical related articles that improve antenna parameters, introducing geometries, shapes and techniques.
Language: Spanish
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