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Title: Herramienta de análisis de rendimiento de una red
Author: Húmera Pulido, Ricardo
Tutor: March Hermo, Maria Isabel
Keywords: TCP/IP
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Is our network performance optimal?, can we increase performance?, what kind of traffic flows our network? These are questions that every network administratos should ask himself every day, although the feeling that he and his users have is there are no problems. To obtain answers to these questions, it is necessary to use network analysis tools, which give us results of theis analysis so that network administrator can draw conclusions and act on them. This end-of.degrade project (TFG) describes the development of a performance analysis tool for an ethernet network, which is intended to enable a user o know the behaviour of a network and help him or her draw conclusions from his traffic. This analysis is based on the "listening" of the network where it is connected and subsequent classification of the traffic in the protocols used in each layer of the TCP/IP model. In addition, it also presents the analysis of conversations beetween computer belonging to the network at both the physical and network layers. A statistics module has also been created where the data collected is presented in graphs for better analysis by the user.The project is composed of three blocks. The first consists of a brief study of the TCP/IP model and more specifically how the data is structured. The second is the analysis and design phase of the application. The last block describes the development of the tool.
Language: Spanish
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