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Title: Anàlisi i classificació d'errors actuals en l'ús dels pronoms febles
Author: Carreño Estruch, Isabel
Tutor: Vilà Comajoan, Carme
Others: Figueras Capdevila, Narcís
Keywords: weak pronouns
current errors
normative works
Catalan language
Issue Date: 29-Dec-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This work of analysis and classification of the use of "pronoms febles" (Weak pronouns) is in the field of studies of textual linguistics. The intention is to help detect the state of the situation in the use of these pronouns, as well as to collect and classify some of the current mistakes that may be made. One of the most characteristic features of the Catalan language - if we compare it with the other Indo-European languages - is the system of "pronoms febles". Other languages, such as Spanish, French, German or Italian, also have similar pronouns, but they have fewer and their functioning is, in some cases, very different. In this paper we aim to make a useful contribution with a compilation of the current use of weak pronouns that complements existing studies, analyze the state of the issue and review what the most common current errors are and why they occur. The work is based on the variant of central Catalan, although at times we can mention other dialectal variants.
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