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Title: EduTools. Projecte previ de desenvolupament d'una plataforma de gestió en l'Àrea d'Educació del Zoo de Barcelona
Author: Pérez Garcia, Anna
Tutor: Badell Guijarro, Joan Isidre
Keywords: education
resource management
education in zoos
knowledge management
non-formal education
Issue Date: Jan-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This Final Degree Project arises from the observation of the lack of Information and Communication Technologies in the internal management of non-formal education activities offered by the Education Area of "the Barcelona Zoo". The work aims to develop a preliminary project of the fundamentals and requirements necessary to develop a management platform for the Zoo's Education Area. There is a large amount of scientific literature aimed at the implementation of ICT in the management of formal educational centres, which have different characteristics from non-formal education centres. The project includes the relevant needs and requirements for the development of a resource management tool that allows the information to be kept up to date and facilitates the planning of activities, as well as the extraction of relevant information for analysis. Using qualitative and quantitative data compilation tools, this project collects information on the current state of ICT in the area and the requirements for the management platform. The survey of key people, as well as the group meeting and brainstorming, make it possible to identify the priority need to update the information they manage and the limitation in the control of the time availability of their educating operational staff. However, the benchmarking of educational management tools that are currently on the market brings us closer to identifying the lack of products referring to non-formal educational institutions. In conclusion, this project includes the specific needs for the development of a management tool for the Zoo's Education Area that guarantees the maximum efficiency of the service offered.
Language: Catalan
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