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Title: Diseño de un tema de WordPress optimizado para el cumplimiento de los criterios de accesibilidad WCAG 2.1 y el desarrollo y validación a nivel de prototipo
Author: Pérez Carrillo, Macarena
Director: Porta-Simó, Laura  
Tutor: Zorrilla, Mikel  
Keywords: WCAG 2.1
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: During my involvement in projects for the public and private sector, I realised a need of raising awareness of compliance with accessibility criteria holistically, through the process of design, management and maintenance of a site or application. Usually, the accessibility of web content is perceived as formality for regulatory compliance, and it loses importance in front of other commercial requirements. The work carried out in this master's thesis aims to provide an effective solution for developers and companies, who share this concern for the integration of all people, independently of their capabilities. For this reason, a WordPress Theme has been designed based on Bootstrap for the construction of interface components. To reach the final result, a study about the particularities in creating WordPress Themes, as well as the limitations and advantages of using Bootstrap, was carried out in first instance. Next, some prototypes were designed in low and high fidelity. These were developed in HTML and then published and validated through automatic tools and user tests. With all this, in addition to making the final product available to professionals, the project aims to create a tool to support a cultural change on the Web, understanding accessibility as "the possibility that a product or web service can be accessed and used by as many people as possible, independently of the individual's own limitations or those derived from the context of use.
Language: Spanish
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