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Title: Implantación de un sistema de información integrado (ERP) en una cadena de clínicas dentales
Author: Díaz Pascua, Raúl
Director: Guitart Hormigo, María Isabel
Tutor: González García, José Luis
Keywords: dental clinics
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In this project the requirements for a group of dental clinics called MiDentista to implement an ERP system that helps for improving group management and decision making. The group MiDentista faces this implementation after an expansion period from the headquarter in Mostoles to Madrid and Barcelona after the acquisition of two independent clinics. During this project development the improvements that are expected with the ERP system and the group objectives are going to be analyzed. In addition to this, the different existing ERP system models are going to be explained covering the different characteristics and advantages of each one. Several market products are going to be evaluated as candidates as the final solution for the group. The most suitable solution for requirements and the current situation of the group MiDentista based on a scoring system over several areas like a comparison. In this comparison cost estimation and main characteristics review will be included for each product. Once the most suitable product is selected the project plan of the implementation phases will be done. Finally, a detailed view for the last implementation phases before the go live, a risk analysis and the change management process will be included. At the end of the project, the conclusions of the project development will be exposed.
Language: Spanish
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