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Title: Tecnologías C-V2X y DSRC para el vehículo conectado en redes de nueva generación
Author: Rodríguez Saiz, Aida
Monzo, Carlos  
Moleiro Naval, Alberto
Abstract: Road accidents and environmental pollution are a worldwide public health problem. Around 1.35 million lives are lost every year worldwide as a result of traffic accidents and about 4.5 million due to pollution. Connectivity and safety are two concepts closely linked to the connected vehicle and autonomous driving with great potential to improve road safety and efficiency, reducing road accidents and air pollution, thanks to the information shared between vehicles and infrastructure. The state-of-the-art technologies that enable communication between vehicles are DSRC (802.11p) and C-V2X (LTE-V2X). In addition, work is being done on 5G NR-V2X technology to address new scenarios and improve communications performance, as well as on IEEE 802.11 NGV to improve performance with IEEE 802.11bd. These technologies offer safer driving experiences by allowing the vehicle to communicate with any element (cars, pedestrians, signs, traffic lights ...) within a connected ecosystem that will allow drivers to anticipate risks. In the present project, a study has been made of the different technologies for the connected vehicle, from the state of the art of each one of them, the necessary standardization to the geographical influence of each one and its use cases. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are also described, as well as the security messages that apply for each region (BSM and CAM). Additionally, the performance improvements that a 5G network would present for this type of communications are briefly described. Finally, an experimental part related to the different V2X platforms, characteristics of each of them, RF parameters, an analysis of the BSM security messages and conclusions with justifications at both technological and commercial level of the chosen technology are presented.
Keywords: smart mobility
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2020
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