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Title: YouTube: un medio para el engagement del aprendizaje online
Author: Herrero Rey, Salvador
Tutor: Pérez Gómez, Aura Patricia
Keywords: online training
participatory culture
social networks
web 2.0
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This final degree project focuses on showing the different peculiarities that the YouTube platform has as an effective alternative for online learning, and how the emergence of Web 2.0 has led to important changes in both the technological and training fields. In this new context, there are many educational channels that have emerged on the video hosting platform for the dissemination of knowledge. This digital age has perpetuated new collective participation pedagogies where YouTube concentrates an extensive repertoire of informal learning practices. Some of these channels count their subscribers by the millions, achieving lasting relationships with their audiences and generating significant engagement with their audience. This environment has meant a globalization of participation among users who modify their habitual condition of passive spectator to become co-authors and prosumers of new educational products. The success case of an educational channel dedicated to non-formal learning of the English language and which has achieved over the years, a significant degree of engagement with its community will be studied. The reasons that motivate these creators to maintain their channel will be detailed, periodically updating their content, and the reasons why the audience chooses this channel to expand and improve their knowledge will be shown.
Language: Spanish
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