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Title: El treball social sanitari en salut mental en infants: Valoració i repercussió social dins del sistema socioeducatiu i econòmic
Author: Cervelló Ramon, Marta
Tutor: Fornons Fontdevila, David
Keywords: medical-social work
inclusive education
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The main topic of this dissertation explores children's disabilities, in particular those of a psychic or mental nature, with a special focus on the assessment of capacity, its procedure, resolution and benefits, as well as the impact this has on the current socio-educational model. In the following lines I am going to conduct an analysis on the early diagnosis and how this eases the process to enter adulthood for the affected patients. I am also going to study the manner in which the educational system deals with this subject and the role that health and social care workers play throughout this process. I will make special emphasis on the importance of a solid educational foundation for those students who present some difficulties in its future development regarding all existing social standards. Therefore, it is of high importance that these pathologies are early detected on specific institutes, such as centres specialised on early detection of disabilities, which will set the basis for a faster and more efficient intervention on the educational centres in a later stage.
Language: Catalan
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