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Title: Percepción de la satisfacción laboral en el teletrabajo en profesionales web search evaluator
Author: Pagès Dasunción, Daniel
Tutor: Gorroño Arregui, Idoya
Keywords: telework
job satisfaction
job demands
job resources
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2020
Abstract: The present study aims to explain and understand how teleworking impacts on job satisfaction perceived by selfemployed teleworkers of the Web Search Evaluator profession. To do so, the aim is to identify which determinants of job satisfaction in telework have a greater influence on job satisfaction perceived by workers, and also to identify lines of improvement proposed by teleworkers aimed at improving their perceptions of job satisfaction. To achieve these objectives, 14 teleworkers belonging to the European Union were interviewed. Determinants were classified based on previous research: Extent of telework, Job Demands (Workload, Emotional demands, Role ambiguity, ICT features and Work-Life indicators) and Job Resources (Social support, Autonomy, Leader-member exchange, Reward). The results obtained identify the Work-Life indicators in periods without tasks shortages, social support, the leader-member exchange and autonomy as Job Resources that generate a greater perception of job satisfaction. The tasks shortages, job stability and meritorious access, wage inequality between countries, the reconciliation of women's lives with family responsibilities and more than three days teleworked act as Job Demands reducing perceived job satisfaction. Those with a second job perceive greater job satisfaction than their opposites. The outstanding proposals are: reorganization of tasks disposition, improve working conditions, possibility of applying to projects, improve the organizational structure, equal wages and greater awareness in the distribution of family responsibilities.
Language: Spanish
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