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Title: Desarrollo de aplicativo informático plataforma de gestión educativa escolar en etapa inicial
Author: Martínez Bonilla, Diego Fernando
Director: Clarisó, Robert  
Tutor: Ceballos Villach, Jordi
Almirall López, Jordi
Keywords: Android
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The coronavirus pandemic (global health crisis) has disrupted each and every one of the activities carried out by humans as they have been carried out, that is, in person, with the human presence without any restriction of meetings, with groups of: collaborators, colleagues, students in the different productive and / or educational tasks. Education has not been spared from this crisis at all levels of education, the most affected being minor children included in an initial cycle of education. Since initial education has proceeded to use computer tools aimed at groups of people with an intellectual level, if it can be said, completed or completed studies at the university level, these are not the most appropriate to continue with the normal cycle of initial education. All these reasons previously described above are the basis for developing a computer application, whose main characteristic will be to build an educational platform but oriented to initial education. In order to carry out the development of the computer application, use will be made of methodologies such as DCU (User Centered Design), which is based on involving the user from the initial stages which will contribute with the necessary contributions as a business owner to build user-friendly, easy-to-use and efficient interfaces that, mainly, allow you to obtain the objectives that the user has set for herself when using the computer system. In the same way, at a technical level, computer tools will be used according to current times such as: JavaScript, which is a language that has evolved in all aspects that, currently, allows building applications for mobile devices and not only hybrid type , but can now be transformed to native applications oriented to the brands that dominate the mobile app market: Android and IPhone. It should be noted that the JavaScript language has been extended to the client, server, and database layer. This feature allows the existence of a single development language, which allows the developer not to need to learn or divert their knowledge in other programming languages, which is why computer developments will be agile and rapid deployment. Finally, a functional product will be delivered that has complied with all the stages of the project. The main result of this final work will be to have applied the knowledge that has been acquired in the course of the Master of Computer Engineering.
Language: Spanish
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