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Title: "Taperin": Desenvolupament d'una aplicació mòbil per a encarregar un menú del dia
Author: Ferry Mestres, Anna
Director: Garrigues Olivella, Carles
Tutor: Giralt Queralt, Francesc
Keywords: mobile applications
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The idea behind the creation of "Taperin" is born after the needs found during the several confinements and restrictions experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic that limited (and keep on limiting at the moment of writing these lines) both visitor capacity and service timetable from restaurants, bringing them to the limit. Taperin is a mobile application that allows restaurants to publish a photo of their daily menu so that their clients can easily find them and order a menu. This is a measure that helps minimize the restrictions and allows the restaurant to continue operating. In a situation free from pandemics and restrictions, the application is still useful for example to all those workers who have to eat at their office and have short time to do it: they just have to order a menu from the app and they will have it ready to collect it at the indicated time. The application is developed using the Flutter framework, and therefore the product obtained will be one app for Android and one for iOS.
Language: Catalan
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