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Title: Alfabetización mediática e informacional una campaña de vacunación contra la desinformación: desafíos y propuestas
Author: Torres de Mello Rangel, Vivian
Director: Ferran, Nuria  
Tutor: Paniagua Rojano, Francisco Javier
Abstract: Fake news, fake, misinformation, rumours, hoax, fibs. Lying, cheating and misinforming are not innovative strategies within the public sphere, but the Covid-19 pandemic has added a new layer to the post-truth era, resulting in an extraordinary landscape of misinformation. To curb the information disorder, a vaccine free of adverse side effects was proposed: Media and Information Literacy (MIL). This research reflects on the relationship between MIL and misinformation and questions its power of inoculation as a panacea. At the same time, it provides a brief outline of the history of MIL in Spain and its (scarce) presence in Compulsory Secondary Education in Galicia, based on a survey. The work is complemented by interviews with David Buckingham, José Manuel Perez-Tornero and Mari-Carmen Caldeiro Pedreira, and it addresses other subtopics such as the importance of promoting critical thinking; how misinformation becomes viral; the need to be aware of one's own biases; and the business model of online platforms. Finally, it presents a prototype of a didactic guide on tackling the problem of misinformation through MIL, both critically and creatively.
Keywords: misinformation
media and information literacy
critical thinking
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2021
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