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Title: Un nuevo plan de comunicación para la Marca País Colombia. Reconfigurando su imagen país a nivel interno y externo
Author: Soler de la Fuente, Alejandro David
Director: Montaña Blasco, Mireia  
Tutor: Gallardo Vera, Luis
Abstract: This work is developed with the aim of creating a new and improved communication plan for the Country Brand Colombia, focused on exalting in a more effective way the most relevant identity traits of the South American nation, an issue in which there have been no agreements at the national level. state as observed in the most recent communication campaigns of this country brand, which has generated confusion and misinterpretations about what is Colombia; adding to this the negative association of the country with phenomena from its darkest past (80s and 90s), such as drugs, terrorism, insecurity and corruption, exposed in numerous series and fashion movies; and also the prevention policies that various governments of the world suggest to their citizens when traveling to the country. As a result of all the above, this communication plan aims to project a more positive image of Colombia both internally and externally, based on the promotion of unexploited elements of the national identity such as the culture of warmth (kindness of the Colombian, the best face of the country), and emphasizing the main positive aspects remembered about Colombia by foreigners such as: coffee, the joy of its people, nature and gastronomy; and highlighting other interesting elements (sports, music production, ecotourism, the pacification of the country with peace processes, human capital and health services), in order to reduce all the negative aspects that have been highlighted in Colombia for years and that do not correspond in the same proportion to the current reality. Ultimately, the effective application of this plan can mean greater benefits in terms of tourism, foreign investment, trade and social development for Colombia.
Keywords: country brand
national identity
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2021
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