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Title: Primeros pasos en traducción médica: una mirada a la posedición de resúmenes de artículos científicos sobre la covid-19
Author: Hoyo Villegas, Elena del
Tutor: Rico Pérez, Celia
Others: Muriel Molano, Vega
Abstract: Translation has always played a fundamental role in times of scientific progress and crisis, where information must circulate in a timely, effective manner. And the COVID-19 pandemic has been a perfect example of this. Thanks to the collective effort of scientists and healthcare professionals, we now have quite a deep knowledge of this disease, and it has been possible to develop various vaccines in an amazingly short time. This academic work addresses the experience of several translators, most of them new to translation, in a cooperative translation project aiming at meeting the information needs that the Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals had about coronavirus and COVID-19 related matters. Using Memsource, a computer aided translation (CAT) tool that had been trained by Neural Machine Translation (NMT), the work involved post-editing abstracts of academic literature related to COVID-19 from English into Spanish. By means of semi-structured interviews, we have accompanied a sample of the participants in this project, directed by Antoni Oliver from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), on a reflection about their personal experience while working on this project. We have reviewed the main difficulties they encountered, the information sources they used for reference, and the opinion they have, now that the project is over, regarding post-editing of medical texts, the CAT tool they used, as well as volunteering in the translation field in times of crisis.
Keywords: medical translation
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2021
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