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Title: Spanish Al-Andalus Moorish Heritage and Beyond Foundation
Author: Cerrada Jiménez, Silvia
Tutor: Mira Rico, Juan Antonio
Keywords: post-Andalusian
Moorish Moorish
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The current dissertation, resumes an ample journey of research starting on the location of Medellin in Spain, based on an innovative deep insight of the Al-Andalus Moorish culture, exploring the enduring consistent influence beyond their times and the blooming of the five cultures such as Christian, Sephardic Jews, Mestizo, Mulato and Muslim. This phenomenon has been conveyed and transferred to the Postandalusi legacy. Naturally, this research has conclude to be a necessary outcome registering the Spanish Al-Andalus Moorish and Beyond Foundation (SAMHAB) for promoting outreaching pedagogical awareness protecting and resignifying an inclusive universal memory of otherness for all.
Language: Spanish
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