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Title: Cámaras de eco de la ultraderecha en España: VOX y su ecosistema digital en Youtube
Author: Tavera Alonso, Carlos
Tutor: Gómez Bernal, Gemma
Keywords: echo chambers
far right
filter bubbles
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The consumption of ideologically and politically related media and content has been widely documented since the emergence of mass media. This is also the case in social networks, where users are more likely to consume and share information and content that reinforces their pre-established convictions and ideas. The personalization of the online experience has led to the formation of echo chambers in which Internet users are more and more frequently exposed to content aligned with their ideas and beliefs, while their networks and, therefore, the content displayed on them, are increasingly impervious to other types of ideologies and positions. This paper studies in particular the case of VOX through its own social networks, as well as the ecosystem of close and related accounts that disseminate, replicate and amplify their content and messages. Through data collection by means of data scraping and its interpretation in graphs, the paper focuses on the Youtube network, where it will be analyzed whether these accounts and the interactions that exist between them constitute an echo chamber.
Language: Spanish
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