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Title: "Corre, corre, Barcelona" Reflexions al voltant del poder d'agència en joves migrants
Author: Segretin, María Soledad
Tutor: Alberich González, Neus
Keywords: young migrants
power of agency
emergency protection service
socio-educational action
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This paper addresses the concept of agency and the power of young people to act and intervene in the immediate context and within the emergency care system. The objective is to know what are these actions, forms and expressions that are deployed when the migratory process lands in the receiving society and that show the active presence of the subjects. The phenomenon of young migrants is a social problem that requires discussing the adultcentric and ethnocentric perspectives that derive in the processes of menization and ethnicization and putting into context the approaches of needs and capabilities that predominate in most studies. To respond to these expectations, the paper takes the form of an essay on ideas around the power of agency and the construction of the young migrant subject and a biographical investigation and analysis of young people's narratives. Three techniques of methodological approach are combined: a fieldwork based on the professional experience in an Emergency Protection Service for young migrants, bibliographical research and biographical-narrative research. The research provides a new perspective for socio-educational action with young migrants: from the subject who receives policies to an active subject who appropriates them, reformulates them and innovates their conditions of existence. This change of perspective makes it possible to recognize the power of young people to decide and act for themselves in defining their personal, family and social projects. A step that requires truly recovering the community perspective in order to encourage both young people and the host society to build a new frame of reference that overcomes segregationist discourses and dynamics.
Language: Catalan
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