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Title: Las competencias profesionales como herramienta de exclusión a personas mayores de 45 años. Análisis en el marco de las Políticas Activas de Empleo en Cataluña
Author: Sánchez Cuevas, Sara
Tutor: Gibert Badia, Francesc  
Abstract: In the current employment model, people over 45 years of age report that they are habitually discriminated against and excluded from the selection processes. Base don the fact that it is a model base don employability, and where professional competences occupy a prominent place, this research, through the method of discourse analysis, adresses professional copetences as a social construction, and analyzes how in a context os scarce employment, the current hegemonic definition of professional skills, in active employment policies (PAE), contributes to generating / maintaining processes of labor and social exclusion for people over 45 years of age, currently in Catalonia. Thus, starting from an ideal of a young worker, and an ambiguous, polysemic definition of professional competences, which integrates a series of components of a different nature, the use of professional competencias as a tool to discriminate between young and non-young people would be facilitated, and justify the exclusion of the oldest. Using the method of discourse analysis, we have proceeded to analyze the institutional discourse of professional competencies and the difficulties of insertion of those over 45 years of age, through a documentary review of the (PAE). We have also analyzed the discourse of unemployed people over 45 years of age and guidance technicians through in-depth interviews. This study shows how the main transversal competences demanded by the current employment model, in their definition carry an age burden, since they have been defined from youthful attributes that favor the entry into the scene of negative stereotypes towards seniors. In this way they would acquire the role of discriminating young / non young workers. In turn, due to their centrality in the current employment model, they not only displace the value of professional experience, but also legitimize the exclusion o folder workers. Thus, the uncritical acceptance of competencies and their widespread use at the service of organizations, has made the talent of this group invisible. However, their is an alternative discourse that, coexisting with the hegemonic,grants greater bargaining power in the market to the senior group, and reveals the contribution capacity of these people. In this way, the present research aims to reflect on and problematize the current hegemonic definition of competencies, provide a new perspective on them, and, ultimately, contribute to reversing the discrimination suffered by this group, taking into account the rapid and irreversible aging of the population and its effects on the labor market in the near future.
Keywords: unemployed over 45
professional skills
labor exclusion
discourse analysis
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jul-2021
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