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Title: User Centered Desing in E-Learning Environments : from Usability to Learner Experience
Author: Garreta Domingo, Muriel  
Mor, Enric  
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Garreta-Domingo, M.; Mor, E. (2007). "User Centered Desing in E-Learning Environments: from Usability to Learner Experience". In: Szucs, A.; Bo, I. (Eds.) Proceedings of the EDEN2007 Annual Conference, Naples Italy.
Published in: eLearning
Abstract: The advent of the Internet had a great impact on distance education and rapidly e-learning has become a killer application. Education institutions worldwide are taking advantage of the available technology in order to facilitate education to a growing audience. Everyday, more and more people use e-learning systems, environments and contents for both training and learning. E-learning promotes education among people that due to different reasons could not have access to education: people who could not travel, people with very little free time, or with disabilities, etc. As e-learning systems grow and more people are accessing them, it is necessary to consider when designing virtual environments the diverse needs and characteristics that different users have. This allows building systems that people can use easily, efficiently and effectively, where the learning process leads to a good user experience and becomes a good learning experience.
Language: English
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