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Title: Metafísica, realitat, horror. Pensar la matèria, especular sobre l'absolut i topar-se amb l'espant en la nova filosofia inhumana
Author: Calvera Cabeza, Ignacio Felix
Alsina, Pau  
Abstract: Modern and postmodern philosophy have made it impossible to think the metaphysical absolute: they have fenced off access to reality as it is and to the thing in itself. Contemporary science, in turn, seems to have allied itself with philosophy, blurring the determinations of matter, the self and the human thing. Accompanied by technological prospects of a millenarian character, speculative thought itself seems, likewise, to have already reached a final point of non-existence, an eschaton. During the last fifteen years, however, we have witnessed an explosion of a new way of doing philosophy, which aims to overcome the blockage to which modern and postmodern philosophy has brought thought. This new speculative proposal intends to decenter reflection, challenging the anthropocentric point of view -a point of view proper, in fact, to the whole history of philosophy-, and testing formulas of thought that go on to see objects and reality as a whole in a new light. Thus, renouncing a reading from subjectivity, or from any form of intersubjective community - language, culture, history, gender, class - the new realists set their gaze once again on exteriority: on matter, on the thing in itself or even, as in the case of Quentin Meillassoux, on the metaphysical absolute. It is thus that philosophy seeks to recover the pre-modern Grande Afora, which had been outlawed with the Kantian postulation of the transcendental subject and, above all, with the constitutive interdiction of any possibility of access to reality in itself. Surprisingly, however, thought encounters something unsuspected when it is once again confronted with absolute exteriority. It encounters horror.
Keywords: speculative realism
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2020
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