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Title: Com és el nou perfil de consumidor post COVID19 i quines són les noves tendències de consum a la Comarca del Maresme?
Author: Fabregat Nieto, Raquel
Tutor: Martín Sebastián, Javier
Keywords: post-COVID consumption
post-COVID19 consumption trends
post-COVID purchasing habits
Issue Date: Jan-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This Final Degree Project investigates how the different stages of COVID19 have affected the consumption habits and purchasing preferences of consumers in the Maresme region and identifies the new consumption trends in COVID. This research is focused on 3 key sectors of economic activity in the Maresme, namely: food, hospitality/tourism and trade. The external secondary sources of information analyzed prior to conducting the research, such as the study conducted by the Diputació de Barcelona on the Impact of COVID-19 on the business fabric of the Barcelona area or the study conducted by the Catalan Consumer Agency on the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Consumer Habits in Catalonia in the Post-Confinement, among others, have allowed us to obtain a better understanding of the field to be investigated and to be able to glimpse how the trend of postCOVID consumption may evolve in the Maresme. The research focuses on understanding the consumer and his evolution in the purchase decision since the arrival of COVID and up to the current period, both from the exploratory point of view and from the descriptive and conclusive. For this reason, the in-depth interviews conducted with consumers and companies in the Maresme region are a fundamental part of the research, since they have allowed us to obtain a first approximation and an overview of how they face the new reality, as well as the online surveys conducted, which have provided a more realistic and concise view of the COVID consumer preferences in the region. Thus, based on the results obtained, it can be concluded that there are significant differences in consumption habits and preferences after the arrival of COVID, both in terms of needs and purchasing channels, as well as in the most valued attributes of the products and services marketed by the sectors of activity under study. Therefore, finally, recommendations are presented for companies in the aforementioned sectors so that they can adapt their business models to the new consumer trends in the Maresme COVID, to ensure not only their continuity in the market, but also to take advantage of new business opportunities that arise and grow within the new reality.
Language: Catalan
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