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dc.contributor.authorGuerrero-Roldán, Ana-Elena-
dc.contributor.authorMinguillón, Julià-
dc.identifier.citationGUERRERO-ROLDÁN, A. E.; MINGUILLÓN, J. (2007). "Adaptive learning paths for improving lifelong learning experiences". In: Proceedings of the TENCompetence Workshop on Service Oriented Approaches and Lifelong Competence Development Infrastructures. Page. 137-143.-
dc.description.abstractThe Open University of Catalonia is a virtual university that offers some courses in the same virtual context to official degree students, as well as for students or professionals who want to improve their knowledge in a special area. The scenario where the lifelong learning courses are carried out is called Ateneu. A good example of this framework is a Data Mining course, which belongs to the Computer Science degree. In this paper we talk about the previous competences Ateneu students need to have and which of them have to reach when they finish the course. Given that student profiles are different; we bring up adaptive learning itineraries to attend these different formative needs. The main goal of this paper is to describe a proposal of an adaptive learning management system for improving the acquisition of competences on this lifelong learning scenario student.en
dc.subject.lcshDistance educationen
dc.subject.lcshInternet in higher educationen
dc.subject.lcshCompetency based educationen
dc.titleAdaptive learning paths for improving lifelong learning experiences-
dc.subject.lemacEnsenyament a distànciaca
dc.subject.lemacInternet en l'ensenyament universitarica
dc.subject.lemacCompetències professionals -- Ensenyamentca
dc.subject.lcshesEnseñanza a distanciaes
dc.subject.lcshesInternet en la enseñanza superiores
dc.subject.lcshesEducación basada en competenciases
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