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Title: El mite i les relacions internacionals. Els casos de Teseu a l'Atenes de la Lliga de Delos (Pentecontecia) i de Ròmul a la Roma del Principat d'August
Author: Serrano Morán, Christian
Tutor: Sierra Martín, César  
Others: Mateu Sagues, Marta  
Keywords: Pentecontaetia
Augustan Principate
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The aim of this Master's Final Project is to conduct a study of the role of myths in international relations. Given the breadth of this topic, we will focus on the role of the myth of Theseus to justify the hegemony of Athens over the Delian League during Pentecontaetia and that of the founding myth of Rome (with a major importance of the figure of Romulus) to justify the new regime of the Augustan Principate. An essentially synchronous inductive methodology based on the analysis of primary sources (texts, iconography, epigraphy) and its confrontation with the reading, study and analysis of secondary sources will be used to draw conclusions about the two specific cases that can be extrapolated to myths in general. In this sense, we start from the hypothesis that myths evolve according to the role played by cities that use them in the international relationships and that, therefore, at times when these cities are in a position of hegemony over others territories, the myth will be used as one of the fundamental elements of its justification, necessary in societies where religion-mythology was present in all aspects of daily life, public and private.
Language: Catalan
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