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Title: Consumers perception about environmental CSR practices in the tech industry: the case of Google
Author: Oleart i Mariné, Gemma
Tutor: Papaoikonomou, Eleni
Others: Corrons, August  
Keywords: CDR
tech industry
Issue Date: 21-Jan-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This master thesis aims to understand the consumers perception and awareness about environmental corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in the tech industry, specifically for the major worldwide search engine, Google. What could be the drivers of a change in perception? It is hypothesized that the variables: respondents contact with CSR practices and respondents level of interest in CSR topics can have an impact on consumers perception. Based on prior research, the author develops a new scale to assess consumers perceptions and awareness comprised of 15 statements graded in a 1 to 6 Likert scale. The key point of the research, the survey, was conducted to target a specific population: Spanish Millennials and Gen Z aged between 18 to 40 years. The research is complemented by in-depth interviews with experts in the fields of telecommunications and sustainability to present joint conclusions. Results determine there are no significant perception discrepancies among the respondents, who tend to place themselves in neutral positions between slightly disagree¿ and¿slightly agree. Yet, respondents tend to agree that they perceive Google¿s practices as greenwashing¿. According to the data, the variables of interest do not show to affect consumers perceptions. Surprisingly, slightly different perceptions were observed analyzing the results according to respondents¿ age range and educational level achieved. Results can be used for the company to understand how it is perceived by the different segments of the studied population and re-assess current practices. Additionally, the study can foster future research encouraging the use of cross-cultural samples or study other business cases.
Language: English
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