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Title: Romanización de la economía en la Campiña Este de Córdoba
Author: Iñiguez Pérez, Elisa
Oller Guzmán, Joan  
Abstract: With the arrival of Rome to the Iberian Peninsula, its former inhabitants gradually adopted the institutions, traditions, technology, beliefs and language of the newcomers. This process, known as romanization, unevenly affected the different peoples settled in the peninsula. Traditional historiography suggests that the romanization of the southern peninsula went further than in other Iberian regions due to the influence of the colonizing peoples. Besides, the latest archaeological findings and new historiographical studies propose that the internal dynamics of the Tartessian and Turdetan societies could favor the romanization of Hispania Ulterior. A solid evidence was the rapid adaptation of its economy to the Roman circuit. The present master thesis aims to examine the cultural and economic assimilation process of the East Campiña of Córdoba to the roman traditions. Also, it pretends to answer the following question: did the internal evolution of the pre-Roman societies contribute to the romanization as proposed by the most recent historiographical researches?
Keywords: romanization
archeological record
iberian iron age culture
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jan-2022
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