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Title: Evaluación e intervención neuropsicológica infantil en un caso con síndrome de Down
Author: Guisado Moreno, Ana Belén
Tutor: Gavilán Agustí, Beatriz
Keywords: Neuropsychology
Down Syndrome
family intervention
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The present work is about a five yeras and eight months child with a post natal diagnosis of regular Trisomy 21, confirmed by karyotype 47 XY+21. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which consists in an excess of genetic material in the pair 21. The way in which this genetic disorder affects varies from one individual to another, although there is usually intellectual disability in a variety of degrees, and neuropsychological disorders , which will affect the individual in the different spheres of life. The chosen case is real. The child attends the Early Intervention service, and is assessed due to the completion of this service, in order to guide subsequent intervention. This assessment shows the presence of slight intelectual disability, with serious difficulties on language, speed of processing, perception, fine motor skills and working memory. In addition, slight to moderate dificulties in autonomy, attention, visual memory and executive functions. His relevant strengths are gross motor skills and socio-affective area. These results allow to plan the intervention, with the overall objective of improving the cognitive and socio-affective development of the child, and his autonomy. This intervention includes: intervention towards the child, one 60 session, monthly, working on cognitive stimulation and affective skills; intervention towards the family, one 60 session, monthly, working on psychological support and psychoeducation. After one year of intervention, positive outcomes are expected, albeit modest, given the slowness and learning difficulties typically associated to people with Down Syndrome.
Language: Spanish
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