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Title: The Construction of Syrians as Enemies in Turkey: Enemy images and Enemy Discourse of Turkish Political Opposition
Author: Haciismail, Ismail
Tutor: Kemoklidze, Nino  
Abstract: This study discusses the dynamics in which enemy images of the Syrian population in Turkey have been constructed in the discourse of the Turkish political opposition (TPO). It introduces the notion of enemy discourse against the Syrians in Turkey. The study examines discourses in the Turkish historical, political, and social contexts. The issue of Syrians in Turkey has become one of the most profitable tools of political investment for the TPO, although it has so far failed to remove the Turkish president from power. Therefore, the TPO created a particular discourse when addressing Syrians, which this study marks as the enemy discourse. By using specific representations and language in mainstream and social media, the TPO has constructed the stereotype of 'the evil Syrian' to the extent that the word 'Syrian' itself has gained currency as a pejorative. Parallelly, the TPO has mobilized the negative sentiment against Syrians and the government that followed an open-door policy towards them to score brownie points in the race for power. The critical discourse analysis (CDA) was used to examine a set of books, statements, tweets, articles, and videos. CDA and content analysis were also used in a mixed quantitative/qualitative method in a chapter of this study. These discourse samples were selected because they belong to Turkey's most famous TPO elite institutions and figures. Thus, they explain the enemy-constructing process and demonstrate how discourses synergize to gain domination. Besides, two types of TPO discourse relating to the Syrians have been compared. The first was included in the election campaigns, and the second was after winning in some municipalities. Finally, the study provided examples of the manifestations of the enemy discourse in social cognition.
Keywords: critical discourse analysis
Turkish Political Opposition
enemy images
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2022
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