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Title: Evaluación e intervención neuropsicológica en una adolescente con síndrome de Asperger
Author: Garcés Aguilar, Ana
Tutor: Muriel Molano, Vega
Keywords: social skills
cognitive rehabilitation
Asperger's Syndrome
Issue Date: Feb-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This paper explains a fictitious case of a 15-year-old adolescent recently diagnosed with Asperger syndrome (AS). The family reports attention problems, poor academic performance, inappropriate behavior and an increase in social difficulties. Nowadays, AS is included in level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorders. This neurodevelopmental disorder is considered to have a multifactorial etiology and strong genetic component. It is characterized by difficulties with social interaction, poor nonverbal communication skills and restrictive/repetitive interests and behaviors, but unimpaired intelligence and language (Montes y Bembibre, 2015). Regarding cognitive functions, alterations in attention, executive functions and social cognition are present in AS. The neuropsychological evaluation of the patient shows an above average intellectual, linguistic and visuospatial capacity; normal memory ability; slow processing speed; executive functioning (attentional control, mental flexibility, planning, problem-solving) and social cognition alterations; as well as emotional and behavioral problems. These alterations cause a negative impact on daily functioning, academic performance, as well as with school and social adaptation. The general objective of the neuropsychological intervention is to optimize cognitive functioning, as well as emotional and behavioral management, and to promote autonomy along with academic and social adaptation. The treatment plan consists of two weekly sessions for 6 months, using a transdisciplinary approach, involving the patient, family and school. It includes cognitive stimulation, social skills training, compensatory strategies, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoeducation.
Language: Spanish
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