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Monzo, Carlos  
Monzon Baeza, Victor  
V2X (Vehicle to Everything)
smart cities
Title: Estudio y diseño de Network Slicing en comunicaciones vehiculares en entornos de Smart Cities
Author: Morro Molina, Rosa
Abstract: This project will focus on evaluating the state-of-the-art of 5G technology applied to automotive sector and development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The demanding requirements of autonomous vehicles cannot be met by current technologies, for this reason, Network Slicing architecture will be analyzed as has been recognized as a key enabler in 5G networks providing a number of characteristics as ultra-low latency or ultra-reliable communications. Further, a review and also a comparison of driving simulation platforms will be presented. Once CARLA simulator was chosen, we received a response from CarSim, a commercial simulator, to try a 30-day trial license. we wanted to recreate a simulation that provides data to the autonomous driving system, so that the sensor can perceive the information that surrounds it. In order to test various functional elements of an autonomous driving, we decide to test both platforms. First, has been necessary to know how CARLA works and subsequently, to develop a segmentation camera sensor that provides information while the vehicle navigate autonomously. A second simulation is performed developing a LiDAR sensor and an RGB camera, we process the data acquired with the Ground Truth Labeler tool. Our approach with CarSim is to create various traffic scenarios where the simulation provides lane detection and the camera sensor outputs bounding boxes of the vehicles appearing in the scene. The obtained results showed the efficiency of the simulator to handle different situations, emulating real world vehicles. Finally, the last part is dedicated to the evaluation of the achieved results considering possible improvements using 5G technologies that are currently under investigation.
Keywords: network slicing
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2022
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