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Title: La decisión de voto en el caso español. Influencia de los temas valence y de los temas posicionales según la posición ideológica del electorado
Author: Carton Villanueva, Jose Alberto
Tutor: Rodón Casarramona, Toni
Others: Barreda, Mikel  
Abstract: Based on the analysis of the general elections held in Spain in 2008, 2011 and 2015, I intend to make a contribution to the explanation of the voting decision mechanism of the Spanish electorate, according to the position of the voter in the main dimension of the political competition, the left-right dimension, specifically with regard to the different weight given to the positional issues that define and shape that ideology, and to the valence issues. My analysis is framed within the downsian approach to spatial competition, and aims to extend it by incorporating the influence of non-positional factors, following the line of research traced by other authors, in order to resolve certain contradictions between the empirical evidence and the premises of the basic model. A better understanding of the causes that motivate the electorate's voting decision allows us to understand the aspects that the demos considers a priority in their decisions - making it easier for the political parties to offer a better response to the electorate's needs, by adapting their political and campaign strategies to the issues that make it easier to obtain the vote -, as well as the gradual depolarization and convergence of the electorate to the median position, moving away from extreme positions - enhancing the effectiveness of the mechanisms of political manipulation, such as the control of the agenda through the media by prioritizing certain cross-cutting issues.
Keywords: political analysis
voter ideology
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jan-2018
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