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Title: Ciberseguridad en infraestructuras y dispositivos sanitarios
Author: Monzón Castillo, Rayco Manuel
Tutor: Chinea López, Jorge
Others: Garcia-Font, Victor  
Keywords: business security
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The main reason for this Master's Thesis (TFM) is to answer the question of whether the technologization of the healthcare sector is being carried out in a safe way. That is to say, going hand in hand with the appropriate technical security measures that protect each advance. To this end, a work plan will be detailed that will define the context, objectives and methodology to be followed in the TFM project. In turn, the tasks will be divided in the form of deliverables that will be planned using a Gantt chart. Next, the state of the art of the subject under study will be reviewed. Subsequently, the impact it will have at the sustainability, social-ethical and diversity levels will be indicated. Finally, the feasibility and risks involved in carrying out the project will be analyzed. In order to delve into the context and process of technologization of the medical field and how technological advances have directly influenced the progress of medicine, a schematic section will be devoted to the history of biomedical engineering. Since security cannot be understood without the web of norms that promotes and regulates it, the legal framework that directly or indirectly influences cybersecurity in the healthcare environment in Spain will be detailed. Almost the entire project will focus on three of the main or most inherent threats to the healthcare sector on a global scale. Of these, we will delve into how they act, how to prevent them and what containment and countermeasures should be put in place when prevention measures have not been sufficient. More briefly, vulnerabilities will be analyzed that lead to cyberattacks in almost any healthcare facility on the planet, regardless of the model or version of the systems they use. And the fact is that the healthcare interoperability standards that establish the standardization of communications between medical systems are not exactly free of vulnerabilities. The research will culminate with a presentation of the technological disciplines that we now know will be present in many of the medical solutions of the near future. For each of them, the consequences of not implementing the appropriate technical security measures will be examined. Finally, the conclusion of the project will be written, reviewing both the initial motivation and the outcome of the project and going into detail on the measures proposed as a result of the research to avoid the cybersecurity threats that threaten the sector.
Language: Spanish
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