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Prado Prieto, Miguel Ángel
gender studies
Title: Evolucionar y seguir líder: plan de marketing del diario Marca para conquistar audiencias jóvenes
Author: Piferrer Serrano, Dídac
Abstract: The newspaper Marca, in its web and paper versions, is the most read and visited media in Spain. However, it has deficiencies: the youngest audiences, up to 34 years old, only is the 24 per cent of the total. And only 21 percent of this are women. This marketing plan is focused on approaching these new readers to the media and consolidating them as part of the audience. The impact must be tangible, and so the goal is to increase the audience of young people by 20 percent in five years. Marca's position is currently dominant, but it is not coherent to give up this target: neither for business nor for survival. Seducing new audiences is a market opportunity both now and in the future. If the media does not evolve, it runs the risk of becoming more and more residual. It is imperative to maintain commercial hegemony in a media universe with new communication and engagement formulas: Twitch and YouTube, among others. Social networks, new narratives and the connection between streamers and their audiences have changed the game and Marca must get on this train. It is not enough to maintain the formula that has been used since its foundation in 1938 and which has been so successful. It must polish, perfect, refine and promote a new recipe adapted to the new times. The consumer is different: from a passive reader, we are moving towards a connected and empowered consumer. It is necessary to seduce him. The company has professionals with proven experience in both communication and marketing, an exceptional brand value that cannot be lost and an audio-visual infrastructure and technological capacity that will allow us to face challenges that are already part of the present. Detecting and solving the problem will not only allow us to continue growing but can also make the difference with our competitors. It is a long-term commitment. Reaching the younger and female audience (only 21 per cent of the visits to the website are women) will present new commercial and advertising options. It is a new market for Marca that it is possible to conquer and thus increase business volume. The vision is a long-term one: young people are the future and being a reference in the sports press, as probably the newspaper already is for their parents because of its paper edition, is an irreplaceable asset. The web content will have to provide interesting approaches and topics for our readers. We already have a section with non-sporting information (Tiramillas) and dedicated to eSports and these news items will be emphasized, adapting them to the new target audience. We will also promote women's sport from the Newsroom and we will hold large-scale face-to-face events with which we will work on our brand awareness among the new public. Furthermore, we will promote communication channels such as Twitch, YouTube and the rest of the social networks, integrating web-based information into these new platforms, with professional profiles that connect with the new users. The figures will finally tell us if the plan works. Based on internal metrics we can accurately determine if the objective is achieved. In a second phase of the project, we will double our bet with the Spanish-speaking markets. The financial cost of this initiative is limited, as it is largely supported by our own technical and human resources. In five years, with an amount of slightly more than one million euros per year, we will be able to multiply the expenses. In addition, a fundamental pillar of the investment will be the commitment to the current editorial staff, who understands and works for the brand value. Confidence in the more than proven human capital of the newspaper is one of the pillars of this project. The brand value and prestige of our publication can gain a lot if this plan is successful and this, in practical terms, it means more income and more guarantees for our advertisers and investors. By reformulating our positioning we aim to gain loyal readers, friends of our media rather than just users. This base that we seek strengthen and build up over the next five years can be the foundations of the newspaper of the future.
Keywords: communication
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Issue Date: Jan-2023
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