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Title: On ha anat a parar l' aurea mediocritas? La insistència del sistema en la nostra felicitat o com convertir-nos en Míster Smile. Dues novel·les amb pel·lícula
Author: Solé Alonso, Eva
Tutor: Mayos, Gonçal  
Others: Aibar, Eduard  
Keywords: happiness
good life
social control
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The ancients praised the middle ground, the just measure of balance between extremes as an ideal approach to achieve a good life. Act prudently, temperance and with just enough for life to be well lived, would bring us joy and peace of mind: the happiness, in short. But this state of aurea mediocritas has experienced a such discredit in recent times that it has become synonymous with the undesirable; and the qualifier "mediocre" in the worst of nightmares. Thus, the laudable pursuit of happiness has transformed into an obsession and a crazy race to achieve goals created for the ever-evolving capitalist market that distances people from freedom which they crave. People are offered life models to which ascribe in order to achieve a mediatized and absolutely selfish ideal of virtue and in order to sell the chimera of achieving a state of happiness that is never possible because you always have to expect more from life. Happinnes is the tool to control the way of feeling and anaesthetizing the consciousness of human community in the search for Justice and social equity. The effort to exercise critical thinking begins to be subversive in an emotivized population that, far from cultivating sensitivity simmering through the intellect, prefers to vibrate based on emotional impacts of a banality disguised as transcendence.
Language: Catalan
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