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Title: Jeffrey J. Juris (1971-2020): investigador de los movimientos sociales en red
Author: Feixa, Carles  
Ferrándiz Bendezú, Francisco Javier  
Pleyers, Geoffrey  
Fuster Morell, Mayo  
Pereira, Inés
Oliart, Patricia  
Citation: Feixa C. [Carles]. Ferrándiz F. [Francisco]. Pleyers G. [Geoffi]. Fuster Morell M. [Mayo]. Pereira I [Inês]. Oliart P. [Patricia] (2021). Jeffrey J. Juris (1971-2020): investigador de los movimientos sociales en red. Revista latinoamericana de ciencias sociales, niñez y juventud. 2021;19(1):1-14. DOI: 10.11600/rlcsnj.19.1.e04
Abstract: Jeffrey J. Juris (New Jersey, 1971-Boston, 2020) was a pioneer in the study of the anti- globalization movement, a topic to which he dedicated his doctoral thesis, presented at the University of Berkeley and later published in his in#uential book Networking Futures: the Movements against Corporate Globalization (2008). In addition to the United States, he carri- ed out %eld work in Catalonia and Mexico, based on a transnational and militant ethno- graphy. The article reviews the trajectory of this anthropologist, who disappeared in June 2020, based on the testimony of people who agreed with him, assessing his contribution to the study of networked social movements.
Keywords: Jeffrey J. Juris
social movements
anti-globalization movement
new technologies
movimento antiglobalização
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Issue Date: 2021
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