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2020-05-18Academia in the Time of COVID-19: Towards an Ethics of CareCorbera, Esteve; Anguelovski, Isabelle; Honey-Rosés, Jordi; Ruiz-Mallén, Isabel
2022-09-13Reimagining Language Learning in Higher Education: Key-Roles for TechnologyAppel, Christine; Fernández, Susana S.
2023-12-02Fake news and youngsters’ decision journey: An evaluation of the influence of misinformation on social mediaKanashina, Olga; Huertas-Garcia, Ruben; Jiménez-Zarco, Ana Isabel
2023-03-14Delirium in geriatric rehabilitation: the continued case of B.MGual, Neus; Norberta Nicolas, Cristina; Inzitari, Marco
2023-09-22Beyond Weisfeiler–Lehman with Local Ego-Network EncodingsAlvarez-Gonzalez, Nurudin; Kaltenbrunner, Andreas; Gómez, Vicenç
2023-12-16Solving NP-Hard Challenges in Logistics and Transportation under General Uncertainty Scenarios Using Fuzzy SimheuristicsJuan, Angel A.; Rabe, Markus; Ammouriova, Majsa; Panadero, Javier; Peidro, David; Riera Terrén, Daniel
2023-03-26Urbanizing degrowth: Five steps towards a Radical Spatial Degrowth Agenda for planning in the face of climate emergencyKaika, Maria; Varvarousis, Angelos; Demaria, Federico; March, Hug
2022-07-03Community climate resilience and environmental education: Opportunities and challenges for transformative learningRuiz-Mallén, Isabel; Satorras, Mar; March, Hug; Baró, Francesc
2023-03-26Social movement unionism in Spain’s feminized precarious service sector: Criticism, cooperation andcompetitionAlcalde González, Verna; Gálvez Mozo, Ana; Valenzuela-Bustos, Alan
2021-01-02Real-time comprehension of Spanish prepositions and prepositional locutions in bilingual children with developmental language disorder: A study based on eye-movement evidenceChristou, Spyros; Sanz-Torrent, Mònica; Coloma, Carmen Julia; Guerra, Ernesto; Araya, Claudia; Andreu, Llorenç
2018-10-02Protecting privacy in trajectories with a user-centric approachRomero-Tris, Cristina; Megias, David
2018-05-02Adjustable audio watermarking algorithm based on DWPT and psychoacoustic modelingHemis, Mustapha; BOUDRAA, Bachir; Megias, David; Merazi-Meksen, Thouraya
2021-01-02Collaborative and efficient privacy-preserving critical incident management systemQureshi, Amna; Garcia-Font, Victor; Rifà-Pous, Helena; Megias, David
2018-12-02Supporting the IoT Business Value Through the Platformization of PilotsMartinez, Borja; Vilajosana, Xavier; Montón, Màrius; Vilajosana, Ignasi
2024-05-03Inside Airbnb’s performance and adaptive strategies in Barcelona using artificial neural networks: A longitudinal, spatial, and multi-host perspectiveMorales-Pérez, Soledad; Meseguer-Artola, Antoni; Garay, Lluis; Llados-Masllorens, Josep
2024-05Grammatical correction and morphological productivity tasks as potential identifiers of developmental language disorder in Spanish-Catalan bilingual children: a pilot studyBalboa Castells, Raquel ; Ahufinger, Nadia; Ferinu, Laura; Castilla-Earls, Anny; Andreu, Llorenç; Sanz-Torrent, Mònica
2021-05-02Designing speaking interaction in LMOOCs: An eTandem approachAppel, Christine; Pujolà Font, Joan-Tomàs
2021-08-22Student Engagement in an EFL/SFL Speaking LMOOC during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Influence of Learners’ Social, Affective and Cognitive DimensionsCristofol Garcia, Blanca; Appel, Christine
2023-04-18'I as a practicum mentor': identities of mentors of student teachersGarcia, Consuelo; Badia, Antoni
2023-03-29How criminal is it to rape a partner according to the justice system? Analysis of sentences in Spain (2015-2022)Tamarit Sumalla, Maria Rosa; Romero Seseña, Pablo; Arantegui, Laura; Aizpitarte, Alazne
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3200