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Title: Introducció al desenvolupament de programari, setembre 2006
Author: Pérez López, Josep Anton
Ribas Xirgo, Lluís
Director: Megias, David  
Mas i Hernàndez, Jordi
Abstract: Having an in-depth knowledge of programming language is not simply about understanding its lexicon, syntax and semantics; it also requires an understanding of the objectives that have led to its development. Therefore, this unit looks at the history of C programming language, from the point of view of computer programming. Programmes described in a programming language like C cannot be run directly on any machine. We therefore need tools (that is, programmes) that allow us to obtain other programmes described as a sequence of commands that can be run from another computer. Hence, we will describe an environment for the development of free access software available on both Microsoft and GNU/Linux platforms. Given that the former require an operating system not based on free software, our explanation will focus mainly on the latter.
Keywords: programing languages
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/lecture
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2006
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