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Title: Conceptualización y diseño de una aplicación móvil para Bioparc Valencia
Author: Usán Sanambrosio, Angela
Director: García-Solórzano, David  
Porta-Simó, Laura  
Tutor: Schvarstein Liuboschetz, Sergio
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: The purpose of this Master's final project is the conceptualization and design of an application for the Bioparc Valencia, an animal park located in Valencia, Spain. In today's highly technological and mobile society it is instrumental for companies engaging with the public to have their own mobile online application. The application that my project presents is a very useful marketing tool that will establish a direct communication channel with this company's potential audience. The methodology used for the development of this application consists of different stages. In first place, a detailed analysis of similar applications has brought a delimitation of the most usual functionalities for this type of product. These functionalities were adapted to the context of this study. A second phase consisted of an in depth analysis of the Bioparc's web page in order to to adapt its content to mobile devices. Subsequently, an initial design has been carried out in low resolution. This has been improved through a prototype with a much more complete profile in Hi Fi. Reflections and conclusions on graphic style as well as structure and usability of the application have also been included. The final result is the prototype of an application that meets the initial requirements set by the client and follows the purposes of this project at an academic level. Personally, I have really enjoyed the realization of this project, since it has helped me both to increase and consolidate my knowledge and to gain confidence in this professional environment.
Keywords: mobile applications
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 8-Jan-2018
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