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Title: Sí... Però, ara, ¿què faràs, aquí? Estratègies narratives de plasmació de la immigració, l'alteritat i la subalternitat a "La pell de la frontera", de Francesc Serés
Author: Prims i Vila, Roger
Tutor: Iribarren, Teresa  
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: Analysis of the literaturization of the migratory phenomenon within the framework of the Catalan literary system, based on the exegesis of "La pell de la frontera" (2014) by Francesc Serés. Taking the work of the Franja writer as the most outstanding work of recent years focused on this topic, attention is concentrated, on the one hand, on the strategies of articulation of a narrative voice capable of defining the contours of the alterities in contact; and, on the other hand, about the capacity and intentionality of the literary exercise of Serés. The effect and the will (or not) of denunciation of the story that relates the work is observed and what role does the concession of an own voice to the subalternity represent by the immigrant people, with the narrative me as the axis which vertebra all these life stories linked in the book. The question that is to be developed here is that of discerning the boundary between the writing of the self and the transcription or the expression of reality from non-fiction and based on the information gathered on the ground.
Keywords: subalternity
Catalan literature
Francesc Serés
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis
Issue Date: Dec-2017
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