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Title: La persona com a centre de tot: la reconversió dels centres ocupacionals
Author: Vázquez Moyano, Judit
Tutor: Maestres Useche, Brígida Cristina
Others: Ruf Aixàs, Josep
Keywords: intellectual dissability
quality of life
person centred planning
personal welfare
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The occupational services who attended people with intellectual disability are transforming with the intention to adopt the community, procuring the social inclusion of the collective through the Person-Centred Planning considers the necessary supports according to the needs and desires of each person; becoming the protagonist of his own life. Through this work is to know whether this change in the attention given to the person with intellectual disability benefits arising -personalization care, greater integration into the nearby environment, increased self-determination, boosting satisfaction, personal well-being and quality of life-. Through interviews and personal questionnaires to users of three occupational centers, gets the necessary information about the process of change and personal perception; jointly with the comparative Scale GENCAT answered by referent educators regarding the results in the perceived increase in personal satisfaction, increased self-determination in some cases and progress in social inclusion of the group; In conclusion, changing the care model generates collective benefits and those benefits are defended, although each person are different and not comparable.
Language: Catalan
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