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Title: L'acceptació i l'elaboració en l'acolliment en família extensa. Estudi de cas
Author: Formentí Blanquer, Agnès
Tutor: Gómez Vales, Beronika
Keywords: family care
object of love
loss and mourning
extended family
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: A helplessness situacion to take measures of protection towards children, in order to protect them and to guarantee their well-being. Within these protection measures we can find the reception and, more specificallly, the reception in an extendend family. The reception of a child by a family, including the fostering of an extended famimly, beginn with a loss, the loos of the objecte of love by the child. The reason for the loss can be diverse: death, abandonment, mistreatment, etc. but the loss of the biological family is a reality that must be accepted. The process os accepting is not simple anda can cause pain, suffering ang guilty feelings, which hinder the process is it is not done in an appropiate way. A proper constructio prior to loss is important in order to achieve this loss and to start the process of mounting caused by the absence of the beloved person. From this point on yo can proceed to define the new object of love.Accepting the loss concludes with a proper preparation of the mourning due do the loss of the beloved person to favour the construction of the new reality and, therefore, the satisfactory personal growth.
Language: Catalan
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