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Title: Exploración en el desarrollo de aplicación educativa con apoyo sobre foro
Author: Rubio Palomino, Maria Francisca
Tutor: López Antón, Aleix
Others: Morán Moreno, Jose Antonio  
Keywords: front-end
mobile applications
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are present in all sectors and specifically in the object of study, in education. In this area there are three main branches of ICT: e-learning (electronic learning), b-learning (blended learning) and m-learning (mobile learning). Each of these ICT branches aims to increase the quality and efficiency of education, not only to distance education but also to support improvements in traditional education, impacting on the optimization of their time and presence. Within the process of teaching and learning of students is the purpose that they themselves are builders of their knowledge, highlighting their autonomy and commitment in carrying out tasks. The world of new technologies and in particular the world of mobile applications takes on special interest for students, who are immersed in them, so implementing an application for the subsequent development of a learning plan is key to justify the purpose of this work. The result of this project is to create an application that will be characterized by the use of current technologies for the development of each of the parties, Back-End and Front-End. It is intended to previously perform an investigation of tools for Front-End that can be used for both Android and IOS and with respect to the Back-End will be previously done the same, probing the possibility of using the service-oriented microservices architecture.
Language: Spanish
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