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Title: Filipo II y sus conquistas: el discurso griego (ateniense) y el panhelenismo
Author: Serrano Barthe, Jorge
Director: Mateu Sagues, Marta  
Tutor: Antela-Bernárdez, Borja  
Keywords: Philip II of Macedon
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This study aims to be an analysis of the figure of one of the great kings of antiquity, Philip II of Macedon, and the expansive actions of the Macedonian kingdom, which will enjoy their own section that will serve to contextualize the subsequent comments. This analysis will be carried out through the study of the rhetoric and the discourse emerged in Greece, especially the one generated by authors whose importance has always been underestimated in favor of Demosthenes and whose space in the Spanish bibliographic production is almost non-existent, such as Theopompus, Hyperides or Speusippus. Throughout the work, Philip's military and diplomatic skills will be highlighted, as well as a series of concepts that had a great development during this tumultuous times, such as hegemony and panhellenism. It will also be of great importance for the evaluation of the figure of this northern king and the Greek discourse the use of a profuse secondary bibliography in which reputed historians will appear, leaving their mark in this work.
Language: Spanish
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