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Title: La secció de música de les biblioteques públiques de la província de Girona: anàlisi i perspectives de futur
Author: Estévez Lamigueiro, Lluís
Tutor: Badell Guijarro, Joan Isidre
Keywords: public libraries
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In recent years, the continuing decline in the loan of audiovisual and specifically sound documents has been a matter of concern on the part of those responsible for public libraries. The new habits of consumption of the users has caused that one of the documentary typologies that, in percentage terms, generated more loans has fallen alarmingly. Librarians are wondering what actions to have to raise respect the CD format and respect the music section of the libraries. I respect the CD format, we consider that we must avoid considering the loan indicators as the element that identifies the success or failure of the music section of the libraries. It is necessary to establish actions for the promotion of music to libraries, highlighting the formative factor. To uncover the current situation and move forward with a new music area model, we propose the creation of a territorial project to work in coordination with the libraries of the province of Girona to promote music to public libraries. This project will be led by the Library Service of the Diputación de Girona and will be coordinated by a working group formed by personnel specialized in music from public libraries. The project will require a phase of data collection and information that will allow us to generate sufficient knowledge to establish specific actions regarding the musical background and music promotion activities. These actions will be analyzed and evaluated to guarantee the success of the project and detect the aspects to be improved. Finally, it is necessary to highlight the need to propose joint actions among the various administrations (local, regional and national) involved in the management of libraries and to propose collaborative projects between libraries.
Language: Catalan
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